Rebar Estimation for Concrete projects

We at Ontario Steel Detailing can assure you that all your estimation projects will come with estimated precision.

If you are bidding a job, estimation is the first step to get on top of the bid-result .

In today’s competitive market, any job that is estimated wisely is your job. So get us on your side and be a winner.

What We Do?

  1. We provide Rebar quantities in tonnage or lbs
  2. We provide quantities for mesh ,chairs, accessories , etc(as required)
  3. We will provide it in excel or in a the format required.

How We Do?

  1. We will study all structural, architectural and civil plans
  2. We will definitely read the fine prints and the notes.
  3. We will read the addendum; RFI answered received and raise any questions while estimating.
  4. We will find the errors and suggest money saving strategy, if needed we will do value engineering( for a charge)
  5. We will evaluate the size of the project and the shape of the project
  6. We will get the job done

What We Use :

  • ACI ( American Concrete Institute)
  • CSRI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)
  • American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) E1557UNIFORMAT Ion
  • ASTM A615 Grade 40
  • ASTM A615 Grade 60
  • ASTM A706 Grade 60 (Low Alloy Steel)
  • ASTM A185 (Welded Wire Fabric)
  • AASTM A955 (Stainless steel bars)
  • ASTM A970 (Welded And Forged Headed Bars)


-- We hold your hand during the project and provide support whenever required.

-- We provide support to the extent included in the scope of work provided by us


-- Revisions are included in the price, if due to errors and omissions of Ontario Steel Detailing

-- Revisions due to RFI, Bulletin,Sketches, etc ( not included)