Slab Edge Drawings

Slab Edge Drawings

Edge-of-Slab drawings are working drawings that show the location of all joints and formed edges in concrete, including construction joints, expansion joints, isolation joints, cold joints, contraction joints, and all other bulk head. In addition, EOS drawings also include the locations and sizes of columns, walls, openings, shafts, block outs, recesses, depressions and steps.

Scope :

Edge-of-Slab Drawings are intended to convey the A/E’s intent as covered in the contract documents, plus any additions, such as addenda issued by the A/E (per terms agreed on in this contract if issued after the contract is made) (b), and constitute the sole authority for information regarding the final placement and installation of products and materials. The Edge-of-Slab drawings include all information necessary geometric information for complete placement of concrete slabs, columns, walls, openings.

Procedure :

Edge-of-Slab Drawings are prepared , in accordance with the A/E’s instructions contained in the contract documents. If additional information concerning field conditions, field measurements, construction joints and sequences, and the like must are coordinated with and by the General Contractor and/or Construction Manager. After review and acceptance by the A/E, including necessary revisions (per terms agreed on in this contract if issued after the contract is made) (b), the drawings may be used by fabricators, erectors and installers.


-- We hold your hand during the project and provide support whenever required.

-- We provide support to the extent included in the scope of work provided by us


-- Revisions are included in the price, if due to errors and omissions of Ontario Steel Detailing

-- Revisions due to RFI, Bulletin,Sketches, etc ( not included)